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Every automobile company pays full heed to its product in order to embellish it with all autonomous features, so that no one could find fault and resultantly afloat high in making its brand name. Every new version is claimed matchless, having all the latest technology skills. But Land Rovers are somewhat different from others in this context.

Land Rover 3, was peculiar in the sense that extremely showing novelty in its various desirous features. Its body was embraced with rigidness and IBF. In the 2009, Land Rover Discovery 3 was introduced with lighter and condensed body. It is worthwhile to mention here that this was produced between 2004 and 2009 and promoted in the Middle East and North America as LR3. Its windscreen was steep like the original model of the Discovery. Special heed was paid towards the body construction of the Discovery3, hence Integrated Body Frame was associated with it for the marketing of the Land Rover Discovery. Land Rover engine is an example of extra strength and durability.


For the Land Rover Discovery 3, three engine alternatives were used to cope up with the market trends. Up-gradation in the gearbox was brought to an automatic 6-speed style, instead of 4-spead transmission as practised in earlier models.

For the Europe market, following engines were used:

  • A Ford/PSA-developed 2.7-litre Engine
  • 195 hp Engine
  • V6 diesel engine

While for high power objectives and also for Australia and North America, following engines were used in the Land Rover Discovery 3:

  • 4.4-litre petrol V8 (300 hp)
  • 4.0-litre(216 hp) , V6 petrol engine

The gearboxes of the Discovery were also improved. A six speed guided transmission was standardised for the diesel engines while for the V8 engines, a six speed transmission was made available. These were with transfer box of two-speed and an enduring four wheel drive.

Jaguar created V6 diesel engine with Peugeot which is advanced from Compressed Graphite Iron (CGI). This gave the car, rigidness, firmness, improved quality and was, of course, light weight and short. Other engine used in the Discovery3, is 4.4 litre V8 which is petrol engine. This engine is extended form of earlier 4.2 litre V8 engine. The peculiar feature of this engine is of inconsiderate torque enabling the Discovery to swim through water channels without any hindrance.

Land Rover Discovery 3 has improved Terrain Response System which enables drivers to choose the kind of terrain on the dial. This lessened the manoeuvring power of judging the terrain but now you can select sand, Rock Crawl, Mud or Grass directly on the dial. But before this, the Disco needed to opt a suitable gear and other capabilities in this regard. Now the situation has improved a lot. This is the headache of the computer systems which instantly choose the desired gear settings, change the suspension height and make adjustment of lock settings. For instance for sandy terrain, the system is clued-up to extreme spin of the wheel locking the differentials somewhat. Apart from it, the provision was made to have manual control by the motorist over off-road and the driver could also opt manually, the transfer box and suspension height. And the rest of capabilities are empowered by the terrain system obviously.

In the same manner, new automated and motorized systems were developed for LR3. Not only its facia were improved but also special focus was given on its exterior and interior up-gradations like entry from side doors of the rear and seven seat flexible layout. This facilitated the passengers to enter from the side doors instead of tailgate as was done in the earlier versions.

Similarly, the improvised DVD system, enabled it to opt the Bluetooth facility and was a breakthrough in the automobile no doubt. This embraced an electronics manner through which coordinated various parts of media using the MOST (Media Orientated Systems Transport). This used facilities of four wheel as well as off-road drive. Being in the mode of 4-wheel information, there was a plan and extent of suspension movement, type of selected gear, status of locking differentials and the angle by which the front wheels steer. To enhance its capabilities more, up-gradation was made in 2008-2009 by making clarity in side indicators, 6-CD changer and more refined body colour.

The passenger section and the space inside the vehicle for the engine (engine bay) were made as the integral part of the body. This innovation granted the vehicle an added adaptableness, durability and long-life.

Discovery 3 engine Problems

  • Use of low quality turbo bearings spoils the turbo engine, so never compromise on oil quality. This results in emitting smoke fumes from the exhaust and the consistent usage of low quality oil enable the oil to reach cylinders and noise occurs. This leads to misfiring and con rod and piston may damage. Similarly, low quality oil accelerates the damage of cross-over chains and camshafts. So if you notice any such unusual sound, promptly consult the technicians.
  • The issue of injectors could rise if there is some backfire problem and pungent smell. Its solution is only to replace the damaged injectors.
  • If you feel loss of power or puffs of dark black smoke from the exhaust, surely there is some harm of intercooler which is common in such diesel engines.
  • The end big bearings are over heated resulting into attachment or melting onto crankshaft. The engine will obviously seize to work. You will have to replace crankshaft and there will be a need to rebuild the engine back-up.
  • The turbocharger could lose its power and blue smoke is noticed from the exhaust resulted by decreased oil pressure. You will have to replace turbocharger.
Distinctive Features of LR Discovery 3
  • Exclusive seven-seats, dual sunroofs, steeped roof and uneven back window were wonderful additions.
  • The LR3 is provided with the power of raising during the off-road situation so that ground could be cleared off.
  • Air Suspension System of Full Independent Suspension (FIS) of LR3 empowers it to inflating or deflating air bags for the ride-height.
  • It also have cross-linked air suspension by which the bean axle could be mimicked during which one wheel rises while other one drops down. The beneficial aspect of this feature is that when chassis touches the ground during off-road height, this system elevates the vehicle a little bit above.
  • The 4 wheel Electronic Traction Control prevents the wheel to spin.
  • Hill Descent Control (HDC) made it possible to grip fully the vehicle on sharp gradients while.
  • Another wonderful system of Dynamic Stability Control i.e. DSC safeguarded the vehicle to slip at high speed.

The vehicle was highly praised by the press due to its distinctive features like cosy interior design, enhanced on-road changing aspects and especially Terrain Response System. The Land Rover Discovery 3 got tremendous applause ever since it entered into the automobile arena. It would be interesting to quote some of the admirations made by various prominent concerned. 4WD of the Year title was given in the Australia and world renowned media group BBC appreciated it very much. Likewise, the topmost presenter of Top Gear tagged the Land Rover Discovery 3 as Best 4×4 of all time.

Land Rover Discovery 3 Engines Technical Details

Engines Engine Code Engine Size Body Chasis Power
Land Rover Discovery 3 L319 4.4 V8 Engines 2004-2018 448PN 4.4 Closed Off-Road Vehicle L319 305HP
Land Rover Discovery 3 L319 4.0 V6 Engines 2004-2018 406PN 4.0 Closed Off-Road Vehicle L319 219HP
Land Rover Discovery 3 L319 2.7 V6 Engines 2004-2018 276DT 2.7 Closed Off-Road Vehicle L319 190HP
Land Rover Discovery 3 L319 4.0 V6 Engines 2004-2018 406PN 4.0 Closed Off-Road Vehicle L319 219HP
Land Rover Discovery 3 L319 2.7 V6 Engines 2004-2018 276DT 2.7 Closed Off-Road Vehicle L319 200HP
Land Rover Discovery 3 L319 4.0 V6 Engines 2004-2018 406PN 4.0 Closed Off-Road Vehicle L319 212HP