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Buy Land Rover Discovery 5 engines, cheapest replacement cost

Land Rover Discovery is a Support Utility Vehicle launched by Jaguar Land Rover in 2013. The company presented its first Range Rover in 1970. Up till now, the company has floated some matchless versions in the market. First Land Rover model was made in 1989.

In the pursuit of better innovation, Jaguar Group offered more space and seats in the upcoming models of Discovery making it more conducive and comfortable for the motorists. Discovery 2, presented in 1998 (also known as Series II) had rigid body having stretched rear body. And in the same manner, the Discovery 3 and 4 were unique and having a cohesive body.

This is the era of technology in which every model of vehicle is replaced consistently by the concerned company in the contemporary market and every automobile company pays full heed to its products and puts all innovations to adorn it with all autonomous features so that no one could find fault and resultantly afloat high in making its brand name.

Many innovations were made while structuring the Discovery 5. Aluminium architecture was introduced around it. This lowered almost 17 per cent Cd weight. Likewise, the fuel efficiency was also made better as compared to earlier models emerged during various generations.

Engines of Land Rover Discovery 5

There is not a single iota in claiming that the engine is part and parcel of a vehicle. It is a group of various moving parts like piston, cylinder, and rings. These convert the chemical energy of the fuel into motion energy of wheels to make the vehicle run.

The V6 petrol, as well as diesel engines, were placed to make Land Rover engines more utility base fit for all kind of driving situations. Furthermore, the 8-speed automatic transmission is offered in the Discovery 5.

Some other trends are also introduced in it like locking back differential and gearbox with low range i.e. transfer case of two speed. Similar base trim models are standardized on coil springs. However, optionally, air suspension is provided.

Terrain Response 2

This is boon and blessing for the Support Utility Vehicle lovers. In the earlier models, the Terrain Response system was provided too. This terrain response system vividly monitors and evaluates:

  • Wheel Speed
  • Wheel Slip
  • Angle Of Approach Or Departure
  • Suspension's Solidity 

Through this Terrain Response system, the driver could ascertain the rock, sand, grass, mud rusts, gravel or snow and can crawl the dial’s spin on console’s centre. This offers also an auto option which can get aware of the terrain situation by itself. Unitized body chassis for the first time is introduced in the Discovery 5.

On the flip side, the earlier models had on a frame made body. This unitized body grants extreme rigidity but less weight. One more enhanced feature provided in this Land Rover Discovery 5, is the improved wading depth up to 35.6 inches. This enables the very relaxing ride as well as clearance of the ground during navigation of hostile terrain.

This is tremendously all-inclusive car, suitable for every circumstance, and could be ascribed as a Jack Of All Trades and a Master of the Most. As compared to Discovery3 and Discovery 4, this Discovery 5 is somewhat different concerning specification incorporated in it.

The body chassis is fitted now on an independent frame, thus giving kerb weight. Unlike the very heavy earlier models, this Discovery 5 is equipped with complete aluminium foundation, thus making it light up to 480 Kg as claimed by the Land Rover Company. 


Much heed is paid to adorn the interior of the Land Rover Discovery 5 and all the latest technology is utilized to make it unique. It is quite comfortable and relaxing. The engineers have made their utmost to minimise the noise coming either from inside or outside.

The improved feature of this Discovery 5 has even reduced the noise emerging from the wheels and tyres. All this has made the journey very pleasant without any disturbance. The seats are best of its kind. More focus is given on the luxury and cosiness of the interior to attain the highest degree of perfection.

The dashboard of the Discovery 5 is what we need and is complemented with other luxurious aspects of the vehicle. Furthermore, the adornment of the High Standard Equipment (HSE) is most professionally presented putting it highly up-to-date SUV. The infotainment system is quite glossy and instinctive having a 10-inch very clear touch screen.

It is quite obvious that nothing is ignored in designing the Discovery 5 and that is why Paraphernalia are given due importance in this connection. The trims of four have adhered i.e. S, SE, HSE and HSE Luxury. The cruise control system and warning system of lane-departure and emergency brakes are also provided in the Discovery.

In addition to it, Android Auto and Apple Car Play have improvised to a great extent. Cabin Control Count and an improved JLR touchscreen are also annexed to it.

Preventions to be taken

Beware of oil leaks around the intercooler. When you switch off the engine, if there is noise emitted by the throttle and click sound; then all is well but if it does not happen, then there is some problem in the car.

Get the oil changed with high-grade oil in specified intervals correctly and change the cam belt of Diesel in the specified time. Never forget to keep minute observation of steering, suspension and brakes.  

With the passage of time and consisting drive of the Discovery 5, of course, wear and tear could occur like failure of Engine. It is quite obvious that under these circumstances you will have to opt a reconditioned engine or some used engines, having the desired efficacy.

It is apprised that being the luxurious and desirous vehicle of the buyers, many hindrances and undue terms and conditions are put forth by the sellers. That being the case, the buyer has to pass through hectic process along the way. So be cautious in this regard and choose the grate but right one.

The uncontrolled and unforeseen incident could happen but the choice of an item having all the desired qualities goes long. By consistent use, your vehicle no doubt would be needing some check-up i.e. repair or replacement.

So whenever you are in the dilemma of having some reputable and affordable team of the technician, then always choose the best one. Rest the professional expertise and long-serving history of any company will suggest its name in the automobile market. No ifs, ands or buts about it.  

Land Rover Discovery 5 Engines Technical Details

Engines Engine Code Engine Size Body Chasis Power
Land Rover Discovery 5 L462 3.0 V6 Engines 2016-2018 306DT 3.0 Closed Off-Road Vehicle L462 211HP
Land Rover Discovery 5 L462 3.0 V6 Engines 2016-2018 306DT 3.0 Closed Off-Road Vehicle L462 249HP
Land Rover Discovery 5 L462 3.0 V6 Engines 2016-2018 306DT 3.0 Closed Off-Road Vehicle L462 258HP
Land Rover Discovery 5 L462 3.0 V6 Engines 2016-2018 306PS 3.0 Closed Off-Road Vehicle L462 340HP
Land Rover Discovery 5 L462 2.0 V4 Engines 2016-2018 204DTA 2.0 Closed Off-Road Vehicle L462 241HP
Land Rover Discovery 5 L462 2.0 V4 Engines 2016-2018 204DTD 2.0 Closed Off-Road Vehicle L462 180HP